LiVE: An Experiment in 4th Edition Gameplay and the Power-Deck System

LiVE is an experimental game using the D&D Fourth Edition system combined with the mechanics of many collectible card games, such as “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Magic, the Gathering”.

In the coming months the DM, LiminalDusk, will be finalizing a set of rules. These rules are built on the core mechanics of 4th Edition, augmented by the use of cards. The two primary differences between this system and 4.0 Core is that instead of selecting one class, a player selects two and gains the powers (and possibly passive features) of both classes. This is similar to Gestalt Classes in Ver. 3.5, but with the caviat that a player cannot use a power (whether it be an At-Will, Encounter, or Daily power) without drawing a card from a deck of powers.

While this might seem like an overly limiting system, there is the benefit of having two Roles per character, effectively widening the effectiveness of the party, as well as the added benefit that Encounter and Daily powers can be used more often than their title implies. More details are coming, but be assured that this system has been in Alpha testing for some time, and it not only balances itself, but is an enjoyable experience, particularly for veterans of the game that feel D&D 4th is too simplistic on its own to warrant a change from 3.5.

As for the story of this particular test of the system, LiVE is the tale of several modern-day college students, who find a hidden pathway to a magical world called Wonderland. In this world, they can manifest powerful and fantastic abilities. However, it soon appears that the events of Wonderland may land closer to home than they expect.

More to come, and comments are greatly appreciated as the game progresses. Thank you for visiting!